TV Repair

We fix most makes and models of TV’s, including all flat screen technologies (plasma, LCD), all projection/DLP televisions and DVT TV’s.

Large heavy TV? No problem. We can do most repairs in your home.

We can give you an estimate over the phone so you can know what to expect from our TV repair service.

Color calibration and cleaning (for projection TVs) is included with every service call.



It is the modern day TV repair dilemma: Your big screen television stops working, threatening the stability of your entire household. It weighs a zillion pounds, it’s fragile, and it doesn’t fit in your car. Now what? You need reliable, expert TV repair service that specializes in today’s massive televisions, whether it’s LCD, projection or plasma TV technology. We will come to your house and fix any problem on any brand and any technology. We give you an estimate over the phone -- and we will even tell you what cannot be fixed. We show up with the right tools, parts and brain power and we fix your television right there and then. Harmony is restored. There are lots of channels and life is good again.