We Personalize each every PC we build to taylor to each and every customers needs.


Gaming - Rigs Tweaked to the Max!


Whether you want a rig that sports the latest high end hardware or you want to customize it to reflect your personal style, leave it to Westech Computers to build the ultimate gaming PC.


Enthusiast - Customized Performance PC's 


As an enthusiast, you recognize quality when you see it. Westech Computers uses only the best technology available, turning your PC into one of the most advanced machines on th planet. We build your high quality PC from the ground up and none of our PC's are assembled or serviced outside the USA. That's why enthusiasts who know a thing or two about PC's trust us to build them the very best. And unlike our competitors, we don't make you wait several weeks to get your hands on the PC of your dreams!


Regardless of whether you are a gamer or enthusiast, you'll want to ask us about:

Cooling, Silencing, and Lighting Upgrades

Custom Painting, Anodization, Custom Cases

High-Performance Video Cards, Processors, Memory (RAM), Motherboards and Hard Drives

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